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Opthalmologists are medical doctors (MD) who have advanced training in eye disease and eye surgery. We can offer you the correct options that are right for You… Whether it be surgical, glasses or contacts. Although Our eyes are sensitive to a grain of sand, eye surgery is very painless & safe.

Detect potential problems early. Schedule regular eye exams to diagnose any problems with your eyes or vision.

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Services for your entire family

Bring the whole family by for high-quality eye care. Our professional staff has experience with children, adolescents, and adults. Find out more about the products and surgical options available for you and your family.  

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Get fitted for contacts

A comprehensive eye exam will determine which contact lenses are most compatible with your eyes. We train and educate first-time contact wearers and offer a wide range of contact types and brands.


- Soft contact lenses- disposable contact lenses including daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly

- Astigmatic/Toric contact lenses

- Bifocal contact lenses

- Gas permeable/hard contact lenses

- Color-changing contact lenses

Schedule an exam

We highly recommend getting routine eye care exams in order to detect eye diseases at an earlier stage, which is why we offer our services for children, adolescents, and adults.


Using the latest innovations in the ophthalmology industry and state of the art equipment, we can give you the best results possible for your eye condition while treating glaucoma, red eyes, and more.


Our office specializes in:

- Cataract care

- Retina evaluation

- Glaucoma treatment

- Dry eye and red eye treatment

- LASIK surgery

- Accuvision optical boutique

- Eyelid plastic surgery

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